Welliver Mason Bee Bee House

Welliver Outdoors

SKU: 044434300169

Help the conservation of solitary bees, one of the most highly effective pollinators of flowers, vegetables and fruit crops. This house provides replaceable paper tubes where the female bees can lay eggs from march to august. The larvae will develop over the winter months in the tubes and will emerge as adult bees the following spring. Tubes should be replaced after use or 1 or 2 seasons to prevent mite infestations. These bees are non-aggressive and cannot excavate their own holes, so they do not pose a danger to wooden structures. Solitary bees including Mason and Leaf-cutter bees typically nest in pre-made cavities such as woodpecker holes, insect holes and hollow stems, making this bee house a perfect choice to help increase pollination.

  • Includes replaceable paper tubes matching ideal specifications for the solitary bee (6" long, 5/16" diameter)
  • Constructed of durable, renewable Cedar using corrosion resistant screw hardware
  • Increase habitat for efficient pollinators
  • Low maintenance alternative to bee keeping
  • Approximate size 9" x 8.5" x 7.5" (size varies by design)

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