Greenlawn 25lb Nylon Bag Seeder And Spreader


SKU: 10225172

The EarthWay 2750 Bag Seeder and Spreader is the weapon of choice when your terrain is hilly or wet. The corrosion, tear, and weather-resistant nylon bag is equipped with a zippered top for easy filling and closure. This nylon construction allows for the bag to remain upright when filling yet collapse for easy storage. The contoured base for fitting around your hip, the adjustable shoulder strap, and the long crank handle means the 2750 is designed for comfortable operation. The exclusive rocking agitator provides smooth, even material feeding to the distribution plate. In addition, our high-speed direct-drive gearbox allows the operator to adjust the spread width between 8 feet (215 cm) to 12 feet (457 cm) by simply changing the crank rate. Complete directional control and quick to close shut-off make our 2750 the ultimate choice in hand-operated spreaders.

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