Espoma Organic Alfalfa Meal


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Better Growth & Blooming
  • All Natural & Organic
  • Enhances growth & blooming
  • Apply directly to soils or make Alfalfa tea fertilizer

Can be used anywhere in the garden or landscape including for roses, flowers,trees, shrubs, fruits & vegetables.

For Trees & Shrubs feed Spring & Fall.

For roses, flowers, fruits & vegetables feed monthly through the growing season.


How much to use: 

Application Rates:


Apply  1 cup per plant in the early spring.  Repeat application when blooms appear.  Use 1/3 rate for miniature roses.

Vegetable & Flower Beds:

Prior to planting:  apply 5 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. and work into the top  4” of soil.

Established plants:  Apply ½ to one cup per plant.

Fertilizer Tea:

Use 2 cups in 5 gallons of water and allow the mixture to steep in a covered container for 4 to 5 days.  Stir the mixture daily.  Apply I gallon of finished tea to roses and other plants in the spring.  Use 1/3 gallon for miniature roses and smaller plants.  Remaining solid material can be applied around plants in the garden.

Trees & Shrubs:

Shrubs:  Apply one cup per foot of branch spread in the spring.  Repeat in the late fall at half spring rate.

Trees:  Apply one lb. per inch of trunk diameter out around the drip line of tree.


How to apply: 

Sprinkle on the soil surface around the drip line and then water.

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