Duracell Ultra Alkaline Aa Batteries


SKU: 07004575

Duracell offers a wide range of batteries to be used in electronics that require reliable power. Duracell Ultra AA batteries are alkaline batteries ideal for powering all your devices with great performance in high drain devices. Duracell Ultra AA alkaline batteries are #1 Alkaline battery Brand in India (claim as per NielsenIQ Retail Index data for period MAT Jun‘22 (Jul'21 to Jun'22)). Duracell Ultra batteries are available in sizes AA, AAA, C, D and 9V. These batteries are the best Duracell's alkaline proposition for high drain devices, such as digital cameras, photoflash, high powered toys or boomboxes, and of course are great fit for the regularly used devices as motorized toys, flashlights, portable game controllers, shavers, CD players, toothbrushes and any other. They provide hours of game from your controller. Duracell Ultra AA batteries stay fresh and powered up to 10 years in ambient storage (storage conditions between 10°C and 25°C).

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