Applied Biochemists Cutrine-Plus Liquid Algaecide/Herbicide, 1 Gal.

Applied Biochemists

SKU: 11101879

Cutrine® Plus Algaecide and Herbicide effectively controls a broad range of algae, specifically surface filamentous and planktonic algae including: Cyanobacteria, Green algae, Golden algae and diatoms, Filamentous Green Algae and Chara and Nitella as well as the rooted aquatic plant, Hydrilla verticillata.
Visible reduction in algae growth 1 – 2 days after application
Double chelated formula prevents the precipitation of copper with carbonates and bicarbonates in the water
Works in ‘hard’ water
Ideal for algae on the surface or in the water column – use Cutrine® Plus Granular Algaecide for deeper waters or on bottom-growing algae

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